Grass Roots Perennials

We are expanding the business to include a small selection of Perennials and Irises to plant with your roses. We will post them in the same way as the roses…via NZ post, partly bare rooted and wrapped in newspaper. We are hoping to provide some of the old fashioned perennials you see less often in garden centres and also some unusual members we have picked up along the way.

A lot of the offerings won’t be ready to post for a month or so, but feel free to send an email enquiry and we can let you know what can be sent immediately or ordered for the future.


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Cheap and cheerful!

The following plants are easy grow and reliable flowerers. Bargain plants, You can buy any 4 from this section for $10


Aquilegia seedlings mixed, Long Spurred and Nora Barlowes in a wonderful array of colours and sizes.


Erysimum, perennial wallflowers, in shades of yellow,red and purple. Great winter colour/fragrance


gently spreading carpet of leaves, looks good year round and amazing in spring/summer when it is in flower


A selection of violets available, some double, all with their haunting fragrance. Very hardy, will grow and flower in dry shade or wet sun!! Blue and white, lilac, dark purple, pink and more available. Only  $10 for 4


Perennial Stock

These plants grow to a bushy “tree”about a metre high, graced with many pure white sweet scented flowers through the spring and summer

Ornamental Strawberry

Fragaria Lipstick. Quickly suckering this plant is an excellent groundcover as it flowers all year round and produces tasty berries in the summer and early autumn. I made several pots of jam with them last season. The bright pink flowers appear on the plants as soon as they have grown a couple of leaves! 4 for $10

We also have the light pink variety, which has a pretty soft pink wavy flower and larger fruit. Drawback is it acts like a “normal” strawberry and only flowers for part of the year. $4 each


True, Hardy, or Cranesbill Geraniums, take your pick of nomenclature!  We have several on offer. They are such good value plants, giving colour most of the year round and often producing seedlings to share or spread around. We will send you 4 different varieties for $10


We have a selection of Irises available. Some are potted up, others in clumps in the garden which can be dug up and sold safely through the season. We have a nice selection of bearded Irises in various sizes and colours, also Louisianas and some Japanese.

All Irises are $6.50 each or 3 for $15 or we have some large sized plants @ $8 ea or 2 for $15  It’s a mix and match situation…your choice or we can send a selection. No guarantees of colour from the Japanese this season as I didn’t label them last season….. The Louisianas can also be a bit tricky as they get about the place (not called walking Irises for nothing) and they are all planted in the same area in the garden (dank spot behind the water tank with very limited sun…they flowered magnificently!)

Bearded Irises

Total Recall

Total recall yellow and white, tall and good repeater

Scented blue

Scented blue bearded Iris. Lots of stems for picking.

Autumn Circus

Autumn circus repeat flowering medium bearded Iris. Very prolific

Pink Attraction

Bearded Iris “Pink Attraction”, often more apricot than pink. Repeats well



Tall , dark and handsome! Could be “Vintner”? Reliable flowerer


“Zapped” medium bearded, reliable repeater


Pure white medium bearded. Flowers several times a year when happy. Prefers warmer climates


Tall vigorous flowerer, dusky pastel shades varies from mauves to tans. Tough space filler.

Lucky dip

No sure of its name but very tall and elegant shades of purple and yellow

“Cousin’s Tan”

Can’t find the photo of this one and don’t know it’s name! Surprise, surprise, given to me by my dearest cousin. She called it Brown. No justice done there, actually a beautiful copper and gold mix. Working on finding photo…FOUND IT

Cottage favourites


Perennial ageratum (flossflower) Makes a real show flowering all year round including winter. Soon makes a big clump.  Definitely one from “grandma’s garden”!

Plants $5 each 


Kerria, lovely winter/spring flowering perennial, closely related to the rose. Suckers gently.

Plants $8 each


Plants $5 each 

Perennial blue centaurea, flowers spring through to autumn

Armenian flower basket

Centaurea Armenian flower basket. Very unusual buds and flowers appearing on majestic spikes. Makes a large clump of felty leaves.Flowers in summer. $5 each

Lysimachia Beaujolais

This is a very interesting perennial we’ve grown for many years. The leaves are slightly variegated and make a nice mound then the many flower spikes appear and stay for months getting gradually taller. Plants $5 each 


Diana Claire. Really lovely plant with silver green edged leaves and pink and purple flowers . Also have the traditional blue pulmonaria available. Plants $5 each or 3 for $12


A very old perennial with flowers of amazing sky blue. Very long lasting in the garden and self seeds to boot. Plants $4 ea or 3 for $10

Canna Bengal Tiger

Impressive Canna growing about 1.5 m and its beautiful variegated leaves show off the striking orange blooms to perfection. Stays tidier than most and makes a great impact in the garden or roadside. Also have a tall clear yellow and low peachy pink available  Plants $5 each 

Eryngiums and Echinops


these perennials have striking blue flower heads from spring through to autumn.  $5 each echinops seedlings all been wiped out by rabbits!

Ornamental Ginger

This is a really beautiful plant to fill a space at the back of the garden, or alternatively does well in pots and flowers well. It grows happily in sun or shade, but flowers better in the sun. It is related to the pernicious wild ginger of course, but is not invasive. Flowers very sweetly scented and pick really well. Sold out

Tagates Mexicana

Perennial, very hardy shrub from the Marigold family. Grows quickly and flowers all year round. Strong citrus fragrance. $4 each


We have a variety of Penstemons for sale, including old faithfuls like Hidcote Pink, the white and the dark purple. Also the white throated ones in various colours. $4 each large pot ones $6


We grow several colours of this cool clumping perennial related to asters. We have the white available at present. Long lasting flowers thru the season. $5 each


And speaking of asters, we have many in the garden in the long and short in many colours. Have divided up random ones, guarantee they’re not the rampant species one! Though I do have that too, the original Michaelmas Daisy but well away from the others, down in the species garden. All Asters $4 each


These are such undervalued perennials I reckon. They reliably produce a real show all thru spring to Autumn with their cute 3 petalled flowers in various shades, and so easy to tidy up when they get straggly…Being in the same family as “wandering Jew” they are pretty much indestructible without ever being invasive…what more could you ask for in a plant! We have a vibrant blue available at moment, but can provide white, pale blue, purple or rose on demand…$5 each or 3 for $12


Otherwise known as Silene, comes in many forms and colours, but most commonly hot pink.

The form we have for sale makes a gently spreading rosette of soft fluffy leaves, with tall bracts of ethereal (can hot pink be ethereal?) flowers. Very hardy, usually spring/summer flowering, but this year chose to flower throughout the entire winter and is still going strong! $5 each or 3 for $12

Other Bits and Pieces…


Double white with green throat. 2 year old bulbs, should flower this coming season

$4 each. Sold out


Abiqua Drinking Gourd is one of my absolute favourites of these wonderful shade plants. Large blue green leaves with a cup shape. $8 each, generous size.


We have several colours of tall alstroemeria, excellent for picking.

These will be available later in the Spring, it takes time to dig up and divide the clumps. We have purple, gold, pink, white, pink and yellow, 2 shades of red and apricot. they won’t be cheap to post as they don’t generally bare root well. we’ll be selling the plants for $8-$15 each