Rambling roses

These roses are of wilder nature and more suited to larger or country gardens. They are very hardy and look great alongside road fences or can cover difficult areas quickly. Ramblers make many shoots from the base every year, and will often sucker if they touch the ground as they are quick to make roots. Many of the ramblers are pretty much evergreen and can produce flowers during the winter months when most roses are dormant.

Alberic Barbier (1900)

Alberic BarbierWichuriana Rambler. Yellow buds, fading to cream very double flowers. Very scented. repeats reliably in Auckland and other warmer climates. One of the most vigorous ramblers. Very healthy. Available soon

Alexandre Girault

Wichuriana rambler with bright cerise flowers mostly in spring/summer, but some repeat through the year. Very vigorous. Available now

albertineAlbertine (1921)

Another of the wonderful Wichuriana Ramblers. Vibrant pink/yellow flowers with a huge spring flush and the occasional repeat. Lovely scent. Gets a bit of black spot but very tough and shrugs it off. Available now

May Queen (1898)

Rambler, most likely misnamed…but for want of knowing what it is we continue to call it this. . Vigorous, healthy shiny leaves, huge spring flush of unusually double flowers for a rambler. Soft to dark pink. Because of the many petals, it can ball in wet weather, but there is plenty of repeat to make up for it! Available now

Paul Transon (1900)

Wichuriana Rambler. Very double apricot/pink flowers, large size for a rambler. The plant is very vigorous and produces hordes of sweetly scented flowers in spring, with more following intermittently through the season. sold out


Another of the Wichuriana X’s, this one with pure white flowers with high centred buds. Repeats well. Available now

Silver Moon (1910)

Rambler. vigorous grower with shiny green leaves and very large, semi double pure white flowers. Repeats. sold out

The Garland (1835)

A Moschata x so well known for it’s beautiful scent. Very vigorous, healthy plant. Large bunches of near single creamy white blooms. sold out

 vielchenblauVeilchenblau (1909)

Multiflora Rambler. Very hardy small rambler that has clusters of small, mauve/grey flowers smothering it in spring. It is almost thornless and is an attractive plant even when not in flower. Available now

Violette (1912)

Multiflora Rambler. This rose is similar to Veilchenblau but the flowers are a deeper richer violet that shows off its gold stamens. sold out