It’s November – All on in the garden!

As promised I’m attempting to get this blog out before the month runs out and the Silly Season descends. I need to give my slightly decrepit body a break between bouts of activity, so I can sit for a bit and write something. Really I should be emailing people waiting to hear about orders, but hey, there are many things that need doing, both inside and out.

The main theme of November is flowers! Everything is flowering and it’s hard to get around to look at everything often enough. We have had a continuing theme of rain, which has been a pretty long theme. The growth is astronomical, lawns need mowing twice a week to keep them down, weeds appear the minute you turn your back and are gigantic and flowering almost immediately.

We were very lucky on Sunday to have a lovely morning for the Open Day. Latecomers copped some torrential rain! and some didn’t make it at all due to the road being closed mid morning for a fatal motorbike accident down the road a bit. Very bummed for people who had travelled quite a way to come and missed out. If that was you, feel free to contact me and you can come any day by appointment.

Photo to the left is the Hybrid Musk garden, which is underplanted with Species Geraniums, which are all booming at this time of year. They are such underrated plants, you almost never see them in the garden centres, and yet they are ever so hardy and un-needy and put on such a show in Spring and Summer. This is also home to the goldfish pond and lots of Japanese and Siberian Irises flank this. They are looking to be going to put on a good show this season, as opposed to the Bearded irises in my garden, which seem to have few and small blooms for the most part. Not sur what that’s about, I gave them a good Spring feed and was expecting great things. Other things of interest in November are many of the flowering shrubs. None are as impressive as the deciduous Azaleas, with their profusion of blooms on bare stems.