As of 2 weeks and 1 day ago I’ve had an ankle fusion. Today I had the slab of concrete replaced with a sexy purple fibreglass cast. And guess what? It’s still just as boring. And it hurts more…

so….the garden continues in my absence as gardens do. We are finally getting some rain which will set things alight again for a bit. I look out the windows of the prison and see…yellow weeds! mostly dandelions available to view from a distance, but I know if I get out on my knee scooter and have a brief, closer look, I’ll see the buttercups too, and various other weeds, mostly with yellow flowers. What is it about weeds and their propensity for yellowness?

I guess in truth they come in all colours, the dreaded blue of periwinkle, the orange of scarlet pimpernell and the terrible creamy green of carrot weed. They’re all having a ball at my place this month! But hey! they say one man’s weeds are another man’s flowers and in general (possibly with the exception of bind weed) they don’t really damage the chosen plants in the short run, so I’m going to chill out about them. Haha. Yeah right.

The open days are over for the Spring and won’t be resumed till I’m frisky enough to get rid of that other man’s meat (or flowers) ie the weeds. Am I rambling? I think I am, must be the forced confinement getting to me…

I must say I’m not sad to be missing the crazy time of year that is the Christmas Rush. No parties or shopping for me!

Back to roses. The once flowerers are mostly finishing up now, but the early repeaters are already in second flush and the never stoppers are producing some lovely blooms.(heresay)

We have amalgamated the nursery into blobs instead of rows for easy watering, hopefully soon by a semi invalid. Tonight God is doing the job for us.

Weiti Pearl?

Some kind person has delivered a row of pots from the nursery which contain recent rose seedlings dug up from the garden for me to peruse minutely. We dig them up and put them in pots for 2 reasons…1/ when they start making flowers its easier not to miss the event and 2/ as they tend to seed themselves on paths, I am likely to spray them with round up!

Though in actual fact they will thrive more if left where they decided to hatch, as is the way with most seedlings…segue into passionfruit vine which chose to grow by the chalet between a row of iceberg standard roses last year. Currently it has swallowed several of the roses and about 1 quarter of the building so far. Last summer, in its first season it produced around 3-400 fruit. It continued to flower and make fruit through the winter and is currently laden with an unspecified quantity, with the winter fruit ripening slowly. Oner happy seedling!

Back to the seedling roses on my verandah.. We have a couple of likely looking candidates this season. One small plant has grown 1 only very large bud in lilac pink with a pearly sheen to it. Opened into a lovely full flower with many slightly crumpled tissuey petals and the light outside to darker in the middle scenario , a common theme of the David Austin roses. Scent, elusive Damask. Time will tell if its good enough to “publish” and propagate.

Anyway, enough rambling…we have had 22 lovely mils of rain in the last 48 hours, enough to make all my neglected roses and perennials happy for days! I better be off to waste some more time doing nothing of any use to anyone…