Breathe again now !

We have lived through the last of our Spring Open Weekends! The weather Gods were are a little unkind this weekend, but many braved the rain and there were several fine periods for those with lucky timing.

As we were pretty desperate for rain we’re not allowed to complain when it rains at inconvenient times.

But of course we do…

There was no wind here, so umbrellas worked well and it wasn’t raining in the shed!

So all in all, our first open days were successful enough that we have decided we will have others in the future, next one possibly in February, when obviously the garden won’t be very magnificent, but we may well have lots of plants for bargains if it has dried up by then.

In the garden it’s all about dead heading rain drenched roses and trying to keep the crazed weeds at bay.

Also with this continued wet November/December weather one can continue with some spring planting without condemning oneself to water carrying for ever. Some of the early Spring perennials have already done their dash and are ready for amending with secateurs, hedge trimmers or a spade, depending on how it performed. The aquilegias have been magnificent this season, and the blue/purples look great amongst the lighter colours, but they have a tendency to take over somewhat, so I usually ditch all the plain ones before they drop their seeds. This obviously leaves some large gaps which would look better filled, so I can browse what’s left in our perennial “shop” and happily plant them in the spaces.

We’ll be doing a stocktake on what roses are left for sale after the influx of customers and update the website, will also return those of the perennials left that should travel ok in the summer.