Spraying difficulties

Weather suitable for spraying

Laugh if you like, but finding suitable weather for spraying can cause major problems in our climate. Summer is okay, and in winter it doesn’t matter so much if things get behind, because everything is so much slower. Spring and autumn can be very worrying when the weather just won’t come up trumps on spraying day.

Spraying schedules

Obviously it doesn’t matter if you don’t spray at exact intervals. But when the days, then weeks, sometimes months go by with you waiting for a good day to spray, on which you don’t have some other pressing engagement, like taking your son to rugby, or having a root canal filling, or even. dare I say it, going to work, it can get very worrying.

The upside of this scenario is, that roses being such resilient beasts, will grow a whole new set of leaves and buds to replace those decimated by disease and bugs. Surely this time the weather will give you a break to allow them to remain healthily on the bushes. In the meantime it allows you to examine each rose in its unprotected state, and gauge for future reference, those less susceptible. These may in the future require less attention from your spray pack.

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