Freedom in so many ways!

May has bought the breaking of the drought early in the month for us, we scored nearly 100 mils of rain over about 5 days. Such blessed relief! Freedom from watering the garden until next summer, and the nursery for a few days at least. Can’t say its quite freedom from feeding out to all the cows and horses, the rain came a bit late for vigorous grass growth, but at least they all have something to nibble on between meals on wheels…

Last of the Autumn flowers are few but extra beautiful…Mary Rose

And of course the other freedom we are all being granted is freedom from lockdown as of tomorrow night. To be completely honest, lockdown hasn’t really had much of an adverse effect on me as I’m not a socialiser or shopper, but it will certainly be good to welcome visitors to the garden again.

The “Open Day Drought” has been a long one, stretching way back to December when I had ankle surgery and was good for nothing for a very long time. Just as that came right the summer drought was so bad we couldn’t have people looking at the dreary garden, and then the dreaded lockdown put paid to our proposed Autumn Open Day. The other consequence of the lockdown has been a lot of email orders for roses. This is something I’m working on at present, dozens of orders and a disabled postal system ! I have sent a few but am wary to send any more just yet as they seem to just travel to the Auckland post depot and no further for some time. Way too long a time for roses to be happy on arrival. I’m hoping this will right itself asap.

So upshot of all this rambling is that we will be holding a “last minute before Winter Open Day” on Sunday May 24th. Social distancing will be easy, hand washing facilities available for before and after your visit. Names and addresses must be written into the book. Payment by phone transfer, cheque or cash.

We have plenty of last years well grown roses still available, and the first of the Summer cuttings are now potted up and available for pick up only. The perennials are the big drawcard, they are very well grown, and will fill spots in your garden post lockdown amendment!

Hope to see some eager gardeners, both gardens will be open, if a little bare with Winter closing in.

Remember we are always short of plant pots if you have any unwanted ones lying around we can put them to good use.