Full Steam Ahead

the top of the old fashioned border

The garden is reaching it’s peak this week. The old fashioneds are mostly in full swing, with quantities of gorgeous antique shaded roses flinging their bounty about and filling the air with a glorious perfume. The ramblers down along the roadside fence are starting to peep out from multitudinous buds and hopefully will be attracting passers by for the next few weeks.

And the David Austins! They too are looking gorgeous (if a bit crowded) in their many colours and forms.

the garden viewed from the back, early david austins in foreground


Stanwell perpetual, a hybrid pimpinellifolia peeping over the front wall
Rosa ecea – one of the joys of spring

Down in the species garden things are starting to thrive and there are some exquisite wild roses flowering. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but their simplicity is often a welcome relief after the OTT blooms on some of the spring roses up in the main gardens.