At this stage we only stock the Alstroemerias to sell at the Open Days thru Spring, Summer and Autumn. We can’t produce enough to keep up with demand! If there are suitable plants for posting over the Winter, we will post them then.

Alstros or Peruvian Lilies are a spectacular garden plant. We stock medium and tall varieties which are hard to find and make a fantastic cut flower. Very hardy to all conditions, long lived and easy to grow. Alstroemerias are $10-$20 


Medium tall, open a nice crimson, but do fade to hideous scarlet! Still better than the old “red” cultivar

Early Morning-

a cultivar from Terry Hatch at Joy Plants. Interesting light red colour with some yellow, similar colours to a lot of Tea roses.

Indian Summer

A striking dark leafed variety of Alstro, very deep purple/green foliage and contrasting flowers of gold, amber and rust colour. Medium height (around 90cm)   SOLD OUT


Delicate purple flowers with a white and green throat, lovely combined with the tall white or gold. 90cm  SOLD OUT

Salmon Pink

I call this one Rose Pink, but it is definitely on the salmon, not lilac side.  Extra tall and floriferous. Pictured below. 

Species Gold

A tall and good spreading Alstro with very deep gold flowers, flowers not always as large as fancier cultivars but come in such profusion you will love it! 1m +

Tall White

A tall, elegant white flower, clumps up and flowers very well. 1m SOLD OUT

Yvonne A Medium-tall homebred Alstro, gorgeous soft pink/yellow flowers on tall stems. DREAM cut flower! 90cm

Other colours in the offing are Soft Apricot, Dusky Pink, Lemon/Lime