Cheap & cheerful

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The following plants are easy grow and reliable flowerers. Bargain plants, You can buy any 4 from this section for $10


Aquilegia seedlings mixed, Long Spurred and Petticoats in a wonderful array of colours and sizes.


gently spreading carpet of leaves, looks good year round and amazing in spring/summer when it is in flower


A selection of violets available, some double, all with their haunting fragrance. Very hardy, will grow and flower in dry shade or wet sun!! Blue and white, lilac, dark purple, pink and more available. Only  $10 for 4



Ornamental Strawberry

Fragaria Lipstick. Quickly suckering this plant is an excellent groundcover as it flowers all year round and produces tasty berries in the summer and early autumn. I made several pots of jam with them last season. The bright pink flowers appear on the plants as soon as they have grown a couple of leaves! 4 for $10

We also have the light pink variety, which has a pretty soft pink wavy flower and larger fruit. Drawback is it acts like a “normal” strawberry and only flowers for part of the year. $4 each


We have the 2 classic tall geums available, Lady Stathenden (Yellow) and Mrs Bradshaw (red) Also some seedling crosses that are a mixture of the 2. They are excellent value in the garden producing long lasting airy flower spikes from Spring on through summer


True, Hardy, or Cranesbill Geraniums, take your pick of nomenclature!  We have several on offer. They are such good value plants, giving colour most of the year round and often producing seedlings to share or spread around. We will send you 4 different varieties for $10