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Random selections perennials – some in very limited supply!

ACHILLIA CHRISTINES PINK– As above but a soft pink colour, simple cottage perfection! $5.00

ACHILLIA PEACHY PINK– Unfortunately unknown name on this Achillia as it’s the best one! Flower heads are a mix of peach, apricot to pink and fade to softer colours making the over all show absolutely beautiful. $5.00

ACHILLIA SHIRAZ– These drought tolerant, hardy plants are old fashioned cottage favourites! Beautiful mop heads of deepest red mix easily with all other plants. Bee magnets and flower spring through to autumn, just cut back when flowers age and new ones will come up in no time. Fantastic layered down from roses. Excellent in a vase. 60cm or so. $5.00. full sun, any soil.

AGERATUM DWARF SHRUB– As above but a tidy little mound, around 30cm. $5.00

AGERATUM TALL OLD FASHIONED– Here is a plant that your granny would have grown! Ageratum are nice perennials with fluffy little button like mauve flowers in great profusion all year round. Great cut flower. Around 1m, sun to part shade. $4.00

CANNA AUSTRALIS– Surely one of the best Canna lilies. Australis has incredible darkest red foliage and deep orange flowers on tall stems of around 1.5m. Another dramatic background plant or glorious as a feature in a large pot. Easy to grow, full sun or part shade. $4.00

CANNA MEDIUM YELLOW- A proven performer, low to medium size with fresh green foliage and large canary yellow lilies over many months. An exotic and architectural touch! $4.00

CRANESBILL PINK MOUND– Same story in baby pink $5

CRANESBILL WHITE MOUND- Low gently spreading mound with dainty pure white flowers $5

DAISIES- Great space fillers in garden or great in pots. Very cheerful flowering through most of the year. We currently have the big old pink or white garden “Marguerite”,  Sultan’s Pride, a modern  (well, more than 20 years old now I think) grey foliage, white flowers, halfway between the old originals and the small federation types. The bestwhite daisy. Also a selection of the smaller types in pink, white and yellow . All $5, big plants!

DAYLILY VARIAGATED- A top performing daylily with very striking variegated foliage and gold flowers. Deciduous $5.00

DELPHINIUM- seedlings, assorted types and colours. Just starting to make first flowers. 2 for $5 (small) $4 each larger

DIANTHUS OLD FASHIONEDPINK– A true old world plant! Pinks are a gorgeous cottagey addition used in gardens for centuries!Simple, single mid-pink flowers with a clove scent.Also have the white version. A scrambly, low grower. Full sun $4.00

DIANTHUS RAINBOW LOVELINESS– An old fashioned gem, this Dianthus produces amazing fine petaled, spidery flowers. Ranges from dark pink to pale pink. A real classic and an easy plant to grow. 20cm $5.00

FRAGARIA LIPSTICK– An ornamental strawberry with dark pink flowers instead of white! Very tasty strawberries too, a good cropper. Excellent to use as a groundcover with a difference! $3.00

GERANIUM FRANK HEDLEY- Heritage Green/yellow variegated foliage .Salmon flowers. Medium/small shrub $3

GERANIUM MEXICAN RUBY- Ivy leafed short climber/scrambler. Very bright flowers in profusion! $3

GERANIUM MRS POLLOCK- Heritage shrub, tri-colour leaves. Salmon flowers.$3

HARDY CRANESBILL GERANIUMS- seedlings from Johnson’s Blue line. Make big clumps with soft blue or lilac flowers held aloft . Cut back after flowering for another go! $4

HELIBORE SEEDLINGS- Seedlings from a dark purple cultivar Saper Man, should be nice dark types but will be mixed shades of pink to purple. Winter flowering, tough as NAILS, shade or part sun. 3 for $5.00

JUSTICIA BRANDEGEEANA- Something different for a shady spot. Very interesting flowers with layers of red and apricot bracts and a white flower at the end. Pretty and showy with THE LONGEST lasting flowers ever! They sit perfectly on the plant for months. We have become very fond of this plant! A small shrub, protect from hard frost and too much sun. $5.00

LEONOTIS LEONOROUS- Tall perennial shrub (1m or so) with rust coloured flowers, very drought tolerant and attractive. Seedlings $2.50

ORNAMANTAL WHITE GINGER- Tall attractive plant of about 1m, in the ginger family it produces tall leafy stems with white LilY like flowers which smell heavenly, sun or shade, non- invasive but gently clumping. A great background for other perennials and roses. Tolerant to all conditions. $6.00

PENSTEMON HIDCOTE PINK- Another cottage classic, Penstemon are tolerant of virtually any conditions though flower best in full sun, lovely tall stems of pink/white bell shaped flowers on Hidcote Pink who is classed the best by HRS for its many virtues. Flower and flower, cut back and they will flush up again. Gently spreading so you can make more easily! Great for late Autumn/ early winter colour. $5.00

PERENNIAL BASIL– Ever wished you had some fresh basil in winter time! This lovely small shrub (about 80cm) Basil is hardy to mild frost and happily grows fresh basil leaves on woody branches for some years. Produces masses of lovely purple flower all summer long too which are favoured by bees. A real treasure. $5.00 full sun to part shade, great in a pot. Sold out

PERENNIAL WHITE STOCK- A nice shrub of about 90cm with silver foliage and white flowers with a superb scent that fills the air (like its common annual cousins) Very hardy and easy, sun or part shade. Rare $5.00 Sold out

PULMONERIA BLUE–  As above but with green spotted foliage and sapphire blue flowers. $5.00

PULMONERIA DIANA CLARE- Pulmoneria are an excellent shade perennial for both their foliage and their flowers. They make a tidy clump of large leaves. Diana Clare has gorgeous silver/mint green leaves and halos of blue and pink flowers in the Spring. Part shade to shade, tolerant of most soil. $5.00

ROSEMARY PINK- Baby pink flowers on this unusual form. Sold out

ROSEMARY TALL BLUE- Best culinary type, extremely drought tolerant and bee friendly. $3.00

STOKESIA LEMON– A rare and awesome Stokesia! As above but with beautiful soft lemon flowers. $6.00

STOKESIA WHITE– White perennial Stokesia, an elegant and well behaved plant, tidy clump with very large, interesting white flowers. Hardy, sun or shade. $6.00

TAGATES MEXICANA- Medium shrub of around 1.5m. Also known as perennial marigold this plant is covered in dark, dusky gold daisy like flowers for much of the year including winter (great for the bees!). Fine pretty foliage, covering the shrub well to make a lovely, shape able plant. Large but worthy. Sun or shade, tough as nails. $5.00

THYME– Creeping carpet with tiny leaves and white flowers or small shrub, lilac flowers excellent culinary and small hedge $2

TRADASCANTIA DOUBLE PURPLE– Trads are very underrated garden plants in our opinion! Clump forming, attractive strappy foliage produces gorgeous trusses of triangular flowers. Perfect foil for finer leaved perennials, tough and reliable flowering over many months. This variety is an unusual double form with violet coloured flowers. 40cm or so, full sun to part shade, any soil. $5.00

TRADASCANTIA ROSE PINK- Exactly as above but a single, rose pink variety. Again, a hard to find cultivar.$5.00

TWEEDIA HEAVENLY BLUE– Twedia are great plants, hardy and interesting with truly blue flowers (not purple) they scramble about and are perfect planted in small gaps between other plants where they can just grow up un-invasively and pop their flowers through! 40cm or so, single flowers. $4.00

TWEEDIA PINK– A harder to find Twedia, as above but with baby pink flowers. Sold out