We have a selection of Irises available. Some are potted up, others in clumps in the garden which can be dug up and sold safely through the season. We have a nice selection of bearded Irises in various sizes and colours, also Louisianas and some Japanese.

All Irises are $7 or $10 in big size  It’s a mix and match situation…your choice or we can send a selection.

Bearded Irises

Autumn Circus

Autumn circus repeat flowering medium bearded Iris. Very prolific  sold out

“Cousin’s Tan”

Can’t find the photo of this one and don’t know it’s name! Surprise, surprise, given to me by my dearest cousin. She called it Brown. No justice done there, actually a beautiful copper and gold mix. Working on finding photo…FOUND IT


Pure white medium bearded. Flowers several times a year when happy. Prefers warmer climates

Nina Levitt

A real old heritage variety from 1939. Very tall and elegant shades of purple and yellow and an amazing scent

“Port Levy Silver”

Here’s another un-named beauty. My sister recently moved to a new garden in Banks Peninsula and her new garden is full of this tall, glamorous silver beauty.

Scented blue

Scented blue bearded Iris. Lots of stems for picking.

Sneak preview

Tall frilly apricot, mid season. Large flowers

Currently sold out

Tall white

Very tall impressive glacial white beautiful scent. Unidentified.


Tall vigorous flowerer, dusky pastel shades varies from mauves to tans. Tough space filler.


“Zapped” medium bearded, reliable repeater