Other bits and pieces

Ornamental Ginger

This is a really beautiful plant to fill a space at the back of the garden, or alternatively does well in pots and flowers well. It grows happily in sun or shade, but flowers better in the sun. It is related to the pernicious wild ginger of course, but is not invasive. Flowers very sweetly scented and pick really well. Large plants $8 each

Hemerocallis ( Day Lilies )

We have a variety of superior day lilies, including this rare variegated version. $5-8 each


Or pineapple lilies are great spring-autumn performers. Their foliage appears so fresh in the spring and as summer hits they put up their cool flowers that look a lot like a pineapple! We have a large crimson foliaged/flowered one and a smaller green/white  $6 each 

Canna Bengal Tiger

Impressive Canna growing about 1.5 m and its beautiful variegated leaves show off the striking orange blooms to perfection. Stays tidier than most and makes a great impact in the garden or roadside. Also have a dark leafed variety, Australis, a tall clear yellow , and Tropical Cream available  Plants $6 each. 


Stalwarts of the Autumn garden, these succulent type perennials are leading lights in drought hardiness, but can also tolerate most other conditions being thrown at them. We have 2 varieties on offer, the  obvious, but deservedly so, Autumn Joy ,with her tall dusky pink flowers and a variegated white and green one with white flowers. none of the variegated available this season

Native Hibiscus

Unusually dramatic for a native, this interesting perennial will be with you forever with luck…The plants themselves are short lived, 2-3 years in general, but each flower produces a large pod filled with large, easy to collect and sow seeds. These usually self seed in warmer parts of the country, but can be sown in the Spring if necessary. In winter the plant dies down to a bare stick,  but it usually sprouts again the following Spring. About 1m tall. small plants $3