Other bits and pieces


Abiqua Drinking Gourd is one of my absolute favourites of these wonderful shade plants. Large blue green leaves with a cup shape. Also have green and yellow wavy leaves, Loyalty.  $6 each, generous size.

Hemerocallis ( Day Lilies )

We have a variety of superior day lilies, including this rare variegated version

$5 each


Or pineapple lilies are great spring-autumn performers. Their foliage appears so fresh in the spring and as summer hits they put up their cool flowers that look a lot like a pineapple! We have a large crimson foliaged/flowered one and a smaller green/white Big plants $6 each


We have several colours of tall alstroemeria, excellent for picking.

 We have purple, gold, pink, white(sold out), 2 shades of red and apricot. Also the low cream, red and lilac. They won’t be cheap to post as they don’t generally bare root well. we’ll be selling the plants for $8-$12 each






Native Hibiscus.

Unusually dramatic for a native, this interesting perennial will be with you forever with luck…The plants themselves are short lived, 2-3 years in general, but each flower produces a large pod filled with large, easy to collect and sow seeds. These usually self seed in warmer parts of the country, but can be sown in the Spring if necessary. In winter the plant dies down to a bare stick,  but it usually sprouts again the following Spring. About 1m tall. flowering plants $5