The Salvias represent the biggest and most diverse genus of perennial in the plant world. Their homes are far flung across the continents of the world and their growth habits and colours vary immensely.

We grow quite a large selection of them as they mix well with roses. OK some are thugs and need to be planted in wild tough places to stop them taking over the world…but hey! roses are just the same! so there’s a salvia to go with every rose really.

We attempt to have a selection available at any given time, but will portray here the varieties we have growing in the garden. If they are not currently available, feel free to inquire when they might be.

This page could take a while to complete so bear with an incomplete list to start…

The Salvias are $6-$9 each (depending on size and rarity)


A well known Salvia and for good reason. Amistad is one of the best, a 1.5m shrub or can be kept smaller with pruning. Deep purple flowers almost the entire year long. Makes a huge and stunning show. We also have some other sister varieties in Magenta pink and a slightly darker one called Black Prince


90cm brown A paragon! Such a tough and interesting plant. A round shrub of about 90cm with wavy, silver foliage and incredible russet brown flowers. Very rare and cool. 

African Skies

Shrubby plant with messy but very lovely clouds of light blue flowers almost all year round. Well behaved with the occasional chop!

“Black’n Blue”

Deciduous, up to 90cm, runs at the root… Big lush green leaves a very dark blue flowers from early summer to early winter


This shrubby Salvia can grow into a small tree if allowed. Big heart shaped fuzzy leaves with a dark reverse. Lovely azure flowers all Summer/Autumn


A very bushy number, with big heart shaped grey green leaves. Flowers are sort of denim pink. Also have Alba, the white form


A BIG salvia for the back of the garden, really stunning and reliable flowerer with masses of fluffy burnt orange candles. Strong citrus scent. Up to 2m.


A low rosette with tall blue and white flowers spikes (60cm), lovely soft colour and self seeds around so you can dig up and pop around the garden. Lovely plant.


This one is a pretty rampant beast! Nicely scented emerald green leaves set off the bright red flowers for much of the year. Prone to scrambling through other plants, will fill a tough space in the garden well. Sun or shade.


Low non stop flowerers, many different colours.


A nice medium salvia with fuzzy round pink flowers, very pretty and well behaved, we have a baby pink and a very dark pink variant (Hidalgo)available.


Very tall dark pink salvia, bushy and shrub like, flowers later in the season and well on into the winter months. Excellent against a fence or wall or at the back of the garden. 2m+This Salvia has perhaps the best fragrance, pineapple and mint combined?


Big Shrub Salvia with lovely Salmon pink flowers. Slightly “furry” bright green leaves. Up to 3m


90cm . Long grey green leaves, this species is relatively low and spreads out with a flattish top. Very striking fuzzy flowers in purple, purple and white or lilac and white. A real show stopper all thru late Summer, Autumn and on into Winter.


Another tall Salvia, very similar to Confertiflora but a soft yellow flower. Rare.2m


Very Striking Salvia with bright lime green bracts and blue flowers, a powerful combo! Tall, tough and always commented on in the garden. 1.5m or again can be trimmed.

We also have a white form of Mexicana available.

Omaha Gold

A tall variety, good grown against a wall or fence. Handsome variagated green and gold leaves, vivid blue flowers

Pineapple Sage

A well known and loved variety with masses of red flowers for most of the year, its biggest merit it the scent of the foliage, impossibly sweet and delicious smelling of pineapple. 1.5m.

We also have a golden leafed variety available.


Messy small shrub with crinkly heart shaped leaves and very vivid blue flowers. Non invasive about 80cm


Tidy small shrub with pretty soft lilac flowers.


A tall whimsical Salvia, Truly pale blue flowers (as in the colour of the sky!) on straight, fine stems. A spreading plant so keep an eye on it once its covered the area intended! This salvia is also known as bog sage, and will indeed thrive in very wet places. However it will also do just fine thank you somewhere dry, even under deciduous trees.