The Salvias represent the biggest and most diverse genus of perennial in the plant world. Their homes are far flung across the continents of the world and their growth habits and colours vary immensely.

We grow quite a large selection of them as they mix well with roses. OK some are thugs and need to be planted in wild tough places to stop them taking over the world…but hey! roses are just the same! so there’s a salvia to go with every rose really.

We attempt to have a selection available at any given time, but will portray here the varieties we have growing in the garden. If they are not currently available, feel free to inquire when they might be.

This page could take a while to complete so bear with an incomplete list to start…

The Salvias are $5-$6 each,well grown plants

Mexicana, tall with lime green and dark purple flowers,

Confertiflora, tall orange /red flowers year round,

Gregii, low non stop flowerers, many different colours. ,




Involucrata medium tall in the more common pink and also a dark pink/purple version.

Amistad a real non stop show in the garden, medium tall , a mass of dark purple flowers full of bees! for most of the year. 




Forsskaoli basal rosette sends up 60cm spires of mid blue and white flowers



Iodantha cerise 3m

Madrensis yellow 2m

Africanus 50cm brown

Pineapple Sage 1m red

Leucanthe  90cm purple/ blue and white


Wine (working on name) Basal rosettes of blue/grey felty leaves produce tall spires of subtle wine coloured flowers from early Summer through Autumn