I guess it must be Spring ?

spring bulbs everywhere


Warm sun, hail, gale force wind ,torrential rain ,bright sun…. the current weather patterns currently in vogue on any single day. It must be Spring I guess! There is lushness starting to happen both wanted and unwanted…a mountain of mulch waits patiently to start suppressing that unwanted lushness, just as soon as some younger body parts come to set the wheelbarrow rolling , so to speak.

I get the feeling the roses are going to peak early this season, maybe very early November, or even late October there might be some rose wonder worth photographing…

my piscine pets finally in residence

The big news in the garden this month is the arrival of the goldfish ! Most of them were born in my pool at Weiti, so I consider them my children! There were a few hiccups in the pond liner plan…ie soon after being filled and settling the first time it sprang a leak! which involved unsettling and unfilling and much search and heartache till we finally found the leak. Graham fixed it with a tyre patch and we refilled and resettled before sending the kids up to Weiti to catch the fish.

Now it’s a waiting game for the revamped water lilies to get away and to get the edges planted up quick smart. I have many pieces of water lily to grow on and sell at a reasonable price.

I feel a new “completeness”in the garden has been reached with the arrival of the fish, and I think the Hybrid Musks are going to provide a lovely backdrop.

I think I mentioned hares/rabbits last month and described them as “not so bad”…eat those words ! Keep seeing them lolloping majestically past my window this morning and the damage they do when they choose is so much more destructive than the incessant nibbling of rabbits as they bite straight through their target, even quite thick, woody rose stems amongst the suckering plants.

Pests aside, the garden is looking good and poised to spring into magnificence. Roll on the good times!

another telltale sign of spring at our place is foals appearing in the paddock