Prayers galore being answered…

Well, my wet dreams came true!!! I collected 88 mils of rain in the gauge last weekend, the majority of it (70 mil) fell in peaceful bounty from the sky, gently at first, then with more intensity for a bit. We are protected from the nor east wind here, so it was just glorious soaking rain. Sadly the wind turned a bit at that point and became a raging blast which did knock down 2 large trees, part of 1 haybarn and countless arms off roses,trees and perennials, including the entirety of 1 large rose. Still, small price to pay for 88 mils of garden saving rain in a droughty January!

Grass now green again for the meantime and weeds going crazy!

Poor coastal Kaiaua didn’t fare so well, with a large “tidal wave” sweeping  thru the village, destroying many houses and inundating farmland with salt water. Thoughts are with them as they clean up the devastation.

In other prayers we appear to have a bout of Calicivirus happening amongst the burgeoning rabbit family in my garden as I have found 4 young dead rabbits  recently. Seems vicious to gloat, but I was at my wits end as to what I could do about them safely (without endangering dogs and poultry) and a recent visitor described my garden as “just like Watership Downs” Needless to say I didn’t take this as a compliment!

So January turned out to be a very good growing month on the farms and garden. Small quantities of rain topped up the original dump, and we’re currently bracing for the next storm which may or may not reward us with a drenching. It’s certainly windy enough to put off going out in the garden, and keeping me inside on the computer planning the “Sizzling Summer Sellout“…starting now!

I have been slack with the camera this month and have no recent pics, so you’ll have to make do with the front paddock and it’s latest resident, enjoying the unexpected January grass!

Hanging out with the newest Weiti prefix and the last for this season.. Weiti Harvest Moon or Harvey by Weiti Kingswood (Blue Indoctro/Corland mare) our of Weiti Wednesday (Dances with Fire) who is the dam of our other stallion Weiti Handy Andy, so Harvey is a special mix for us. He’s a bloody big boy and a fabulous type.