Rose plant prices

Unfortunately with the price of potting mix and fertiliser etc doubling, we have had to put some of our roses up. Roses of a plantable size are now $18 , excepting some of the really fast growing types, which are still $15 and the Weiti Collection is staying at $12 for the meantime

We usually have a selection of big pot roses, ready for an instant effect! These are pick up only and cost is $20-$25 from our Mangatangi property, just 20 minutes from Bombay.

Delivery costs

We have been mailing our roses via NZ Post for many years now, with good success. Preparing the boxes to post is a very time costly process and despite trying to use mostly recycled products(boxes, newspaper, plastic bags and polystyrene) there are still costs involved. For these reasons we are now charging $5 per order  for the service, which will be added onto the NZ Post costs.

NZ Post charges as follows; Postage for up to 5 or 6 roses is: $11.20 (North Island), $17.20 (South Island). Plus an extra $4.50 for rural delivery. Bigger boxes are twice the price. We post them partially bare rooted and wrapped in wet newspaper.


Please contact us to inquire about availability or to place an order.

Care of plants on delivery

When you get your roses they will be still growing so they need to be planted straightaway, either into the ground or into a pot to grow on.  You need to take the rose plant in its plastic bag, cut the bag away from the newspaper while holding the plant carefully so as not to disturb the loose roots.  The plant can then be settled into a prepared hole or into a pot.  Because the rose is on its own roots, you can plant it deeply to make sure it is secure in the ground and doesn’t have too much stem showing.  Do not put fertiliser into the bottom of the hole where the roots can touch it and get burned.  You can sprinkle some artificial fertiliser or natural animal manure around the base of the plant after it is buried in the soil.  Keep well watered if planted in a dry spell.

Rose plant propagation

Rose plant prices - weiti sweetieThe roses we have for sale are grown from cuttings or suckers, mostly from cuttings made in autumn and winter. Therefore, they are growing on their own roots, not grafted like nearly all other roses for sale. The advantages of this are many, such as they can never revert to rootstock and will live much longer than grafted roses. This method does not suit some modern roses but is ideal for many old fashioned roses.

Since our roses are all growing on their own roots, the rate the different roses grow roots and tops varies greatly from cultivar to cultivar. In general the ramblers and chinas grow pretty quickly and are ready to plant in the garden less than a year from their start, while others take 2 years to get to a plantable size.