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Rose varieties

Garden roses have been developed over centuries by crossbreeding various wild rose species. Our rose plants are catalogued into groups or according to when they were developed and their breeding lineage.

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China roses : Rose species from China were introduced into Europe at the end of the 17th Century and cross-breed with European stocks creating repeat flowerers, news scents and new colours

Classic David Austins : Sometimes known as English roses, David Austin has been the most influential rose breeder of the past 50 years, combining the old and the new in a delightful array of old fashioned looking and smelling roses, but with modern repeat and colour range. Our collection spans 1960s through to 1995

Climbers & ramblers : a collection of climbing and rambling roses or various types grouped together for convenience (Including niosettes)

Hybrid musk : Developed in the first half of the 20th century by Reverend Pemberton as a fight back against the Hybrid tea trend, these roses are garden shrubs which mix happily with other plants

Modern shrub : A wide grouping of 20th century roses

Old-fashioned repeaters : the oldest group of repeat flowing shrub roses dating back some 200 years : bourbon, portland, & hybrid perpetuals

Pimpinellifolia : Sometimes known as Scotch roses these roses were developed from the European species Rosa pimpinellifolia in the 19th century

Polyantha : Smaller, perpetual-flowering roses developed in the late 19th  and early 20th century , the fore-runners to the modern Floribundas.

Rugosa : Dating back to the mid 19th century these roses were developed from the Oriental species Rosa rugosa. They are often recognisable by their somewhat crinkly leaves and coloured hips.

Species roses : the earliest rose species date back 35 million years and have been cultivated for some 5,000 years for ornamental, medical, perfumery & culinary purposes.  Naturally occurring partially domesticated species continue to be treasured.

Tea & older hybrid tea: Dating back to the early 19th century these roses were also developed from the Oriental species and characterised by their distinctive ‘tea’ smell.  They are the forerunners of the modern Hybrid Tea.

True old-fashioned : the oldest groups of once-flowering shrub roses dating several to many centuries : Damask, Alba, Gallica, Centifolia and  Moss.

Weiti home-bred : Our very own 21st century, charming cottage-garden roses suitable for both smaller and larger gardens.

Glorious Alexandre Girault growing over a fence in full flower
Alexandre Girault (1909 Wichuraiana rambler) in November