Hybrid Musk

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Hybrid Musk - AusoniusAusonius (1932)

One of the lesser known musk roses and I can’t think why, as it is for us, one of the best. A very tidy upright bush, with pink and white flowers reminiscent of Ballerina but minus all the thorns. Flowers come in clusters regularly all through the season. Available now

Autumn Delight (1933)

Hybrid Musk Compact tidy bush with delightful flushes of semi double creamy flowers with lovely gold stamens and a beaut perfume .sold out

Ballerina (1937)

One of the later Hybrid Musks, “published”after Pemberton’s death by his gardener.  It’s quite a graceful looking shrub, as the name implies, but up close she’s rather a vicious thug! Many thorns and shiny (healthy) leaves. Pink and white, huge bunches of small single flowers. Available now

Hybrid Musk - Buff BeautyBuff Beauty (1939)

Definitely one of the most well known of the Hybrid Musks, and quite different to most in it’s flower size and colour. The flowers are large and very double, quite formal in an old fashioned sort of way, easy to confuse with more modern offerings from David Austin. The plant is a sprawling bush or short climber, and produces regular flushes of sweet scented golden/buff flowers amidst lovely, healthy dark green foliage. small plants available soon

Hybrid Musk - CorneliaCornelia (1925)

Pretty double pink/apricot on an attractive arching shrub. Virtually thornless, very easy and reliable. Colour and flowers vary quite a bit with the seasons as an added interest. sold out

Clytemnestra (1915)

Another of Rev. Pemberton’s early productions and another 1st cross from Trier. Quite similar in form and growth habit to Cornelia, but in softer tones

Available now

Danae (1913 )

Danae makes a large shrub or good branchy climber, she has bunches of egg yolk yellow to cream flowers adorning her at regular intervals. available now

Felicia (1928)

This is my personal fave of the Hybrid Musks, She’s atypical as she is quite pink as opposed to cream or yellow. She makes, in time, a sturdy shrub with minimal thorns, healthy leaves and masses of loose pink blooms with a very sweet and pervasive fragrance. sold out

Francesca (1922)

The “yellowest” of the Hybrid Musks, Francesca has pretty semi double flowers of loose form. Nice scent, medium sized bush. sold out

Kathleen (1922)

A less common member of the family, Kathleen makes a large arching shrub or small climber like many of the others. Flowers are creamy white with nice stamens, small and nearly single. sold out

Grass Roots Roses | Hybrid Musk | MoonlightMoonlight (1913)

Hybrid Musk. Strong growing tall shrub or short climber. Big clusters of sweetly scented flowers of creamy white. available now

Penelope (1924)

Penelope is another graceful archer, maybe a little less vigorous than some of the others. Large blush tinted cream semi double flowers adorn her branches. Luscious crinkly leaves… sold out

Prosperity (1919)

Neat sweet smelling, frilly, cream flowers repeatedly through the season. It forms a wide, arching shrub of around a metre that is wider than it is tall. It is an amazing sight when covered with flowers. Scented. Very healthy .sold out

Hybrid Musk - Pink ProsperityPink Prosperity (1931)

This is one of the more rare hybrid musks but very worthwhile. It has masses of very double, pale pink flowers smothering the bush in flushes throughout the year. Very healthy and moderately vigorous, but lacks the scent of the others. available now

Queen of the Musks (1913)

small plants available soon

Trier (1904)

A very hardy old shrub rose with a beautiful scent that Rev. Pemberton used in the early 20th century to produce his magnificent group of roses that became known as the Hybrid Musks. Bunches of yellow to cream flowers all season. small plants available soon

Wilhelm (1934)

The reddest of the Musks. Bunches of slightly fragrant wavy blooms thru the season. sold out