Modern Shrub and some older Floribundas

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Frensham (1946)

Another of the 20th Century roses likely on the verge of extinction…this vigorous Floribunda is a work horse flowerer, a lovely colour and even has some scent to its wavy blooms. sold out

Grouse (1984)

Hardly a shrub, but a groundcover rose, technically “procumbent”, I would describe it as scary…I bought it from the miniature rose section mark downs on a holiday in the south Island. I’d heard of it. so wasn’t tricked, but I can imagine some old dear planting it in her front garden and getting subsumed by it while on her knees doing the weeding! So…a vigorous ground cover with ethereal large white single blooms offered generously through summer and autumn. Doesn’t need fertiliser! available now

Gruss an Aachen (1909)

Ha ha, how modern can you get! This modern shrub is currently 110 years old and as popular as ever, for its well behaved habits and lovely creamy pink quartered flowers. Repeats all season, pretty disease resistant and glorious scent .sold out

Pink Gruss an Aachen – same bush, more pink overtones in flower. sold out

Horstman’s Rosenresli (1955)

This rose was produced by the same man as Iceberg (Kordes) and was marketed a few years before. If it hadn’t been for the arrival just 3 years later of Iceberg, this attractive floribunda would have become much more widely grown I think. It is more a true floribunda type , very compact and I find the flowers have more scent. sold out

Iceberg (1958)

Probably needs no introduction as it is undoubtedly the biggest selling rose in NZ. Often overlooked by old rose lovers as it so ubiquitous, but it’s popularity is not unfounded, being a very attractive shrub all season round. sold out

Lavender Dream (1984)

Makes a decent sized shrub with massive production of small semi double lavender pink flowers.  available now

Lilli Marleen (1959)

A useful floribunda from Kordes, bright, long lasting flowers make a cheerful splash in the garden whenever this no nonsense plant is flowering. sold out

Radway Sunrise (1951)

Modern shrub. Vigorous and healthy, similar to Mutabilis in that the flowers change colour from buff yellow to red, but more modern leaves and the flowers stay on the bush for a long time. Very striking. available now

seafoamSea Foam (1964)

This classic rose is much underrated. It flowers all year round with creamy white (with a hint of pink) trusses of fully double flowers. It is great on the edge of a bank as it cascades over the edge just like its name. Healthy and vigorous but not too rampant. Hard to ask  for much more. available now

Sally Holmes (1976)

Lovely tall shrub, or can be trained to climb. Big healthy shiny green leaves and massive mop tops of giant creamy peach to cream flowers. There are so many flowers in some of the heads they make a ball like a giant hydrangea. sold out

Squatters Dream (1923)

A rose from Alistair Clarke in Australia and a tea rose X like many of the roses he bred were,  as they were grown for the Australian climate and this breed loves the heat. A medium shrub graced with large single apricot/buff flowers. Not available this season


The Active (1985)

Quite a large shrub bred by Ken Nobbs of Te Kauwhata, so a local lad and producer of many fine, hardy roses. It is a Mutabilis X. It has an almost continuous display of apricot buds and small yellow flowers in bunches. Very healthy small plants available soon