Scotch Roses

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What are scotch roses?

Now known as Pimpinellifolia – the new “easy” name for what used to be Spinnisosisima , and yes, it is marginally easier to say and spell! The common name is much easier – Scotch Roses. These guys are a very hardy lot and love to grow on their own roots and go forth and multiply. They have very bristly stems, ferny foliage, and very interesting black hips. They flower very early in the season, for varying lengths of time. Most put on a great Autumn show of colour before they lose their leaves for winter, adding a 3rd dimension of interestingness!


Medium height, double pale pink flowers. available now

Glory of Edzell

Very early, larger single flowers, pink with white throat. sold out

 Single Cherry

A real show stopper with relatively large single flowers in very bright cerise. Added bonus of this cultivar is extra pretty autumn foliage.  sold out

Stanwell Perpetual

A pimpinellifollia x, this well known rose makes a large twiggy shrub, with very pretty blush double flowers. best of all it repeats. sold out


Pimpinellifolia /  Rubrifolia cross. Same style but taller and bigger leaves. Lovely soft pink double flowers. Repeats. available now

William III

Very bushy, low, purple double flowers over quite a long period. Black hips follow flowering. available now