Species roses and hybrids

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Species rose. Vigorous climber, completely thornless. Covered with bunches of tiny yellow or white flowers early in spring. We also have the hybrid form “Purezza” which repeats (white).  available now


An American species, who likes it very much here, thank you very much. One of the very few repeating species, this baby produces big shining white single flowers pretty much all year round. The growth habit I would describe as a cross between a rugosa and a rambler! Wicked recurved thorns all over its shiny green arms. Plant it somewhere you never want to go, and admire from a distance!!  available now


The dog rose, and declared a noxious pest in the south island, but lovely never the less.Very simple single pink flowers in late spring. available soon


Rugosa X Nitida. With the rugosa as the seed parent, this rose is very like a rugosa. Vigorous, pretty wavy mid pink flowers. Nice perfume and hips. sold out


Natural Hybrid. Large arching shrub or can be grown as a short climber. Flowers are large,single white blushed pink on edges. The petals are unusually soft and delicate for a single rose. A very lovely sight in full flower. sold out

de-le-grifferiede la Grifferie

Originally used as a root stock in NZ so can often be found in abandoned gardens where the grafted plant has died and been overtaken by the rootstock. This rose is certainly worth garden merit, it is believed to be a cross between multiflora and gallica and certainly takes the best traits from both…inherited the thornless nature of multiflora and the flower form and perfume from the gallica. Also it’s willingness to sucker! Makes a wonderful hedge. available now


We grew this rose from seed many years ago and after many years of unsuccessfully taking cuttings, it has finally started to sucker, so should be available next year. It is a slow growing, moderate bush with small lemon yellow flowers dotted al along it’s stems from quit early in the season. The leaves are reminiscent of a pimpinellifolia but has very distinct straight brown thorns  Sold out.

Fortuniana ?

No guarantees here, but this rose is certainly a cross between Banksia and Laevigata. A medium climber with very double white flowers appearing at the same time as these 2 species. Laevigata type thorns, Banksia type leaves small plants available soon

Grass Roots Roses - LaevigataLaevigata

Vigorous Rambler. Flowers very early spring for several months. You need to find the right place for this baby tho…grows into a very thorny monster. Available now

Grass Roots Roses | Indica majorIndica Major

Another old rootstock that everyone should grow, Indica Major is a species x china rose and while technically a once flowerer, the season starts very early in August or September and usually carries on till Christmas. Very sweet simple double blooms grace the large bush/short climber for much of the season. sold out


sold out


Rambler. Commonly used as root stock and becomes rather a nuisance in wild parts of the garden. Birds love their multitudinous hips and spread them around. We grow some of Multifloras children that have crossed with something a bit more colourful but retained her attractive thornless nature. Available now


One of my long term mystery roses, hopefully correctly named now thanks to a knowledgeable punter. Grown for many years , this rose is one of the true delights of my species garden. It grows only about 90cm-1m , it suckers freely. It flowers particularly late, in December/January, with lovely quite large soft pink flowers. The real beauty comes in Autumn, with an absolutely stunning Autumn display of multicoloured leaves and hips. Available now

Nitida x Rugosa

A rose we grew from seed taken from a bush of Rosa Nitida. When it started to grow it became obvious it was not a purebred but had crossed with the very promiscuous rugosa nearby. Very attractive leaves and flowers. We know call it Weiti Matilda.  Available now

Rosa Mundi

This is a sport of the ancient Rosa Gallica, which is renowned from medieval times for it’s medicinal qualities. It is identical in every way to it’s parent plant except instead of plain pink it is splashed and marbled with white. Every flower is different and en masse on the bush it is quite captivating. As it is a species rose it is vigorous and healthy and like all the gallicas, suckers freely sold out

Roxburghii (ancient)

Species rose. Commonly called the chestnut rose. It is a large shrub with unusual peeling grey bark and small bright green leaves. It is evergreen and really likes it in Auckland. We have the double variety which has large pink flowers emerging from an unusual spiny bud that looks a bit like a chestnut. It is a beautiful big shrub with beautiful flowers and even better it repeats throughout the season. small plants available