Weiti Homebred

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These are the roses we have found as seedlings in our various gardens over the  years. Before we offer them for sale we make cuttings and grow them in various aspects and spread them around to assess their health and growth habits in different situations. Their breeding is guesswork, but characteristics put them in certain families. 

New on the market are a selection of  seedlings from the last couple of seasons. Some have come from planted seed, others have been found self seeded in the garden. The thing is , these are one off roses…there is no other one of that particular rose in all the world! Some of these, that seem very different or special in some way, we keep and propagate. But we can’t keep them all! This is your chance to buy a one off rose (for just $15) and name it yourself! In general our seedlings seem to be naturally healthy and grow readily from cuttings, so if it turns out to be a great rose , you can propagate it and share! Inquire re what’s currently available.

Weiti Sweetie (2007)weiti sweetie

Home bred polyantha darling. Clusters of pink/white flowers all year long. Flowers are reminiscent of Ballerina but minus the thorns and with a smaller, tidier habit. Available now

Weiti NorthcrossWeiti Northcross (2010)

Trier x seedling.  Home bred, large shrub with clusters of apricot buds which fade to creamy white. Gorgeous scent. Very similar to Trier but bigger flowers. Makes a great hedge. Small plants available soon

Weiti Electric (2009)

Chance seedling.  Clusters of small, light red flowers with white and yellow centre.  Has similar growth habit to hybrid musk and is probably of similar parentage. Very few thorns, attractive stems, leaves and hips. Available now

Blanc Double de Weiti (2012)

Hopefully this rose’s namesake is too old to attract copy claims…This is just a random rugosa seedling from our garden which looks remarkably like another well known double white rugosa, but is more willing to be propagated! it also smells sweet (but not the same as the other) and freely produces pure white blooms thru the season. Being on it’s own roots it suckers freely, so can take over a bit…Small plants available now

Weiti Helen (2012)

A procumbent rose, in the style of a carpet rose. Healthy, shiny leaves and produces big bunches of soft pink wavy flowers year round. Sweet scent, and a moderate habit. Small plants available soon

Weiti Lady in Waiting (2015)

Floribunda type rose, very shiny modern leaves, but very old fashioned flowers, blush pink. Bourbon scent and tissue paper petals, so inevitably there is sometimes balling. Flowers all season. Available now

Weiti Sherry (2012)

Home bred, 1 metre plus bush with mixed colour flowers, the bush is reminiscent of Mutabilis but in a many petalled form. Also has a lovely fragrance. Small plants available soon

Weiti Betty (2012)

Small bush, patio size with very pretty flat rosettes of soft pink. Scent of Myrrh  available now

Weiti Michele (2015)

This rose makes a large arching shrub with elegant leaves and very few thorns.
It also has a lovely fragrance and very pretty red and yellow stamens. Available now.

Weiti Gypsy (2016)

Very sweet small rambler with soft pink and white loosely formed flowers. Excellent repeater, and really covers itself in flowers. available now

Souvenir de Madame (2015)

Once flowering rambler, but so pretty it’s worth growing if you have the space. Bunches combine egg yolk yellow with clotted cream. Available now