Spring is in full swing!

Open days

Well, the first open weekend is done and dusted. Our fears of a no-show have been allayed, the weather Gods smiled on us and all attendees,  and everyone seemed interested in the garden. Sales of roses and perennials were very brisk! The nursery is actually looking rather depleted for next weekend, but luckily we have more things coming on to offer.

In the gardens the Irises are in full swing (excepting the Japanese and Siberian) and  more roses are opening into magnificence everyday. Everything is definitely a couple of weeks ahead of schedule. Even the once flowerers are showing colour or opening their first buds.

We have more than usual new roses to be extra excited about this season, as we bought a lot of new ones we thought might not be available again, and had quite a few successes from cuttings we have collected in the South Island and about the place.

Leda, Damask rose

We have been having exemplary spring weather, long fine spells and now some much needed rain. Weather for next weekend’s open days is looking a bit ominous, but then so did last weekend in advance, so who knows, it might be fine again.

The roses in general are looking pretty healthy so far this season, I’ve been spraying the disease prone ones and certainly need to spray all round for aphids again…they are hideous this year. It’s quite a mission when you have close to 600 roses and an aging back…must get that motorised spray unit for the quad operating again…

So a few days to enjoy the garden ourselves, and try to control the uncontrollable weeds and the 2nd open weekend will be upon us.

Come have a look and a smell, maybe buy a plant or 2, or have a cup of tea and peruse the lovely handmade pottery we have for sale.

Open Sat 3rd & Sun 4th Nov
10am- 4pm both days.