Summer, the highs and lows…

It’s always important to look on the bright side of things, so I shall list the good things about the current weather in the garden…..

  1. The weeds are dying of their own accord, or alternatively deeply unhappy, thus easier to pull out.
  2. We are lucky cos there’s no bush fires nearby
  3. We are lucky cos we have a good bore, although we are getting worried it could be under stress.
  4. Haven’t seen a slug or snail in ages…
  5. Your garden gloves don’t get caked with mud when you’re weeding.
  6. You don’t need to mow the lawn at all except the strip by the gardens that inherits some water.
Pierre de Ronsard a few weeks ago before “Thrip Attack”
pierre post thrip attack

That’s it as far as I can think. Mostly it’s just all bad. every thing’s dying except the bugs and diseases which are thriving. While one thinks of fungus as a spring humid thing, as roses get stressed in any way they become much more susceptible to disease. The thrips have arrived en masse, thinking due to a sudden plummet in flowers they’ve all congregated in the few there are at present, turning them all into ugly brown mush. I hate thrips!!! So its been early morning hefting of back pack loaded with fungicide and confidor.

In other more pleasant news we had our mid summer open day on Saturday and fluked probably the coolest day in a month, with some cloud and a nice breeze. There were lots of visitors who mostly went home with loads of roses and perennials. We kicked off our Sizzling Summer Sellout which will now continue for the next month or so. You can snap up bargains online or arrange to come and pick up from the nursery.