The ever contrary nature of gardeners…

It seems to me, as a gardener and a farmer, one is always having to complain about something…almost always the weather. Too hot, too cold, too windy, too wet, or possibly several or all of these things together.

Well that aint happening this autumn. I have to say the weather has been almost faultless for the last couple of months. Countless still, fine, relatively warm days and nights. The garden is very happy about it, growing very well for the time of year, as is the grass after the big dry…but there’s always a but…my life, and my poor roses are being plagued by a possum population explosion, and as fast as helpful son out-law (unmarried to my daughter) shoots them, a new wave appears. The other night he shot 6 in and around my garden, but new damage was spotted yesterday on some poor David Austins which get chewed as soon as they muster the strength to grow some new leaves. It is very heartbreaking and makes the garden look very tatty for the open days as all the bushes just have some leaves and flowers at the very top of their thorny arms. The old fashioned borders are off their track from trees to orchard, so fare better, and also are surrounded by perennials so don’t look so bare.

Speaking of open days, we are having the last before a winter break this Sunday. If you live handy and want some bargains, we have put lots of our already ridiculously cheap perennials for half price so you can acquire for coin cost!

If you happen to have any old unwanted rose pots laying around we would much appreciate them. The advent of open days has meant we are constantly on the edge of running out as every plant, however cheap leaves in a pot ! When we post the plants, we take them out of their pots to reduce weight, thus the pots go back into use. Buying them is out of the question for us as the cost would mean putting all our prices up, and whilst pb bags are cheap enough they are a bugger to pot up into and water alike.

Whilst writing this post the darkness and mist have lifted and another peerless Autumn day is summoning me to the garden. I write to you from a new computer, the old one having died following a dousing with top quality Australian Shiraz, and taking all my history and photos etc with it, so it’s going to have to be a photo from the website to brighten the page…

The Teas are coming into their own at this time of year. Maman Cochet last year.