The Silly Season is here!

Christmas done and dusted, how lucky we all are to be in NZ and gather with our families at this time, unlike most of the world. My family gathering was a bit early, we celebrated on the 23 rd while the Southern arm were in the right Island, so it’s all over for me and I’m left in glorious solitude to battle with the garden.

And I gotta say it is a bit of a battle for me at this time of year, I can’t handle the heat the way I could in my younger days, so its an early start for me and a late finish, with the hot part of the day (that is most of the day…) either in the house or the potting shed. We are very blessed to have such a wonderful shed to work in, with great airflow with huge roller doors at either end. I can manage quick forays out into the merciless sun to load and unload my trolleys, then back to the lovely cool of the shed. Buying a property off a major vintage car enthusiast was definitely a very good idea…sheds everywhere!

A December highlight for us was the arrival of the Drillforce team. A very clever water diviner found a likely spot for us and 3 days drilling has given us a new bore with an output of 7.4 cubic metres per hour of lovely underground water. Once we get the pump guys and electrician in,we’ll have a magnificent new bore that shouldn’t quail however long the drought is. This is going to be a huge relief to us thru the coming summer. Of course I would prefer some rain so I don’t have to hold the hose…

Back to roses. The old fashioneds have had a great show this season and are only just finishing up their last flowers. Now is the time to give them some serious amendment if they’re being naughty, and cuttings can be struck from them at the same time. The David Austins and other repeat flowering roses can also do with a trim, feed and water to encourage the next flush.

We are planning on having an Open Day on January 17th, we have lots of new perennials and roses coming on that should be ready to sell by then. Don’t expect too much glamour in the garden…no garden helpers at the mo and there always seems to be too much to do. At least the lack of rain slows weed germination/growth down!


Still lots of colour about at the moment tho, the asters and dahlias are all starting (early of course, like everything has been this season) and the chrysanthemums are not far behind. These, along with lots of sunset toned perennials are the stalwarts of the autumn garden. And the alstroemerias of course, they just never stop!

So I guess that’s it for 2020, a very different year it’s been, but a good one for us here at Kaiaua.