This must be what we were waiting for!

Ah November! It is definitely the month if you’re a rose grower. And November 2020 is certainly shaping up to be a good one in the garden.

Most years as November approaches I think the roses are going to be early, and each year they arrive in November on time, but this year they really are early and as we hit the first of the month many of the repeaters were already going for it, and even the oncers had started to open blooms.

We had a local garden group through last week and despite it still being October, most of the roses had at least something to show.

This coming weekend we have an Open Day, and for those of you who like to smell the flowers, I strongly recommend trying to come along.

Late October, the Austins are starting to flower already, in the background the Banksias are still going for it

Judging from the early Species, it’s going to be a very good rose year. They opened exceptionally  early (some in June!) and they’ve just kept on going. The Banksias in particular, also Indica Major and Ecae have been flowering for months.

Rain is still hard to come by, but we’ve had enough gentle dousings to keep everything moving along well. The roses certainly look better if not being continually sodden, so ideally the summer storms they’re warning us of will come when the roses have done their main dash…don’t ask for much, eh. It’s so much the two sided coin, with wanting fine weather for garden visitors and getting crops in etc, but desperate to not have a repeat of last year’s drought.

Sneak Preview having a blast in October

Other than the roses, the rest of the garden is also developing into a sea of colours. The Irises are also particularly good this season, with several opening that have never flowered before in my garden…quite exciting!

So onward and upward, no more time for computers, I have an overly exuberant garden to try and deal with and currently no help…except pain killers!